New Orleans premier washboard - sousaphone - guitar trio


Avocado Woo Woo

Tin Men- Avacado Woo Woo

Jan-29-2014 by Lauren Adam

For over a decade, the Tin Men have been collaborating to harness an eclectic melding of genres. With infl uences of swing jazz, R&B, Motown, and easy listening, their latest release, Avocado Woo Woo, captures the unique spirit radiating out of New Orleans and beyond. The trio consisting of Washboard Chaz (vocals, percussion), Matt Perrine (sousaphone), and Alex McMurray (guitar, vocals) has perfected a relationship with their instruments. Whether or not you’ve seen the mastery in action at their d.b.a. home court or not, the album exemplifi es just this. From the gospel praises of “Jesus Always Get’s His Man” to the folksy title track, “Avocado Woo Woo,” to the stand out percussion performance in “Why Don’t You Haul Off and Love Me?” and the perfectly executed “Lonely One In This Town,” the Tin Men are dressed to impress. Aside from the band’s consistent display of technical knowledge and soul shaking solos, Avocado Woo Woo also incorporates playful additions like an awesome cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Sign, Sealed, Delivered,” the river calypso instrumental ballad “Livin’ And Lovin’ on the Westbank,” and “I Got a Guy” (“and if my guy can’t get it, then my guy’s got a guy”). The record wraps everything up with the triumphantly nostalgic “If You Can’t Make it Here.” One thing is clear: The Tin Men might go places, but they’ll never leave home.

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