New Orleans premier washboard - sousaphone - guitar trio


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Tin Men Back at DBA


Tin Men are back on Wednesday nights at DBA! Check out America's premier Sousaphone/Washboard/Guitar trio every Wednesday night at 7pm. 

Tin Men CD reviewed in "No Depression" Magazine!



During their weekly Wednesday night gigs at the d.b.a. on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans, the Tin Men frequently introduce themselves as “New Orleans premier guitar, washboard, and sousaphone trio.” The boast may be facetious, given that they are likely the city’s only outfit with such an instrumental lineup; however, the intro’s use of “premier” is quite accurate. The Tin Men — guitarist and vocalist Alex McMurray, washboard player and vocalist Washboard Chaz Leary, and sousaphonist Matt Perrine — are premier, one of the most uniquely creative and entertaining bands on the contemporary Crescent City music scene. Exactly what kind of band they are is elusive. An amalgam of jazz, blues, rhythm and blues, brass band, and rock and roll, the Tin...

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The Tin Men: a classic trio, with unorthodox instruments

New Orleans Advocate

Sousaphone, guitar and washboard, enhanced by tin cans and hotel desk bell?

It’s not your usual musical lineup.

But in some respects, The Tin Men is a classic trio. The guitar functions as a midrange instrument producing melody and rhythm; the washboard provides percussion; and sousaphone, a portable version of the tuba, supplies the bottom end.

“Yeah, just like Cream,” said “Washboard” Chaz Leary, referring to the 1960s power trio with Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce.

“It’s just a little different from what people are used to,” added singer-guitarist Alex McMurray. “We don’t let that stop us. We do whatever music strikes our fancy.

For The Tin Men’s fourth album, “On the Shady Side,” the guys fancied local standards they perform every Wednesday night at d.b.a on...

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Tin Men Head West!


Hey Westerners...Tin Men are coming your way in August! Thurs 8/13 in Livingston, MT, Fri 8/14 in Casper, WY, and Sat 8/15 in Gold Hill, CO! Check out the shows page for details about venues, times, etc...hope to see you there!


New Tin Men CD

"On The Shady Side"


Hey TIn Men have a new CD "On The Shady Side". Produced by the esteemed Mr. Mark Bingham. We shall be celebrating its release at DBA September 23...

Tin Men Headed to Ascona!


Hey Tin Men will be at Ascona Jazz Festival June 25-30!!! Also new CD coming out!!!  Stay tuned...

Tin Men Live! at Festival a Vaulx Jazz


Tin Men Live at Festival a Vaulx Jazz



The Tin Men are headed to Japan to play a string of dates in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto Mitaka and elsewhere, including at the Yokohama Jug Band Festival. If you can't make it yourself, tell a friend! For more info look HERE.
Avocado Woo Woo

Tin Men- Avacado Woo Woo

Jan-29-2014 by Lauren Adam

For over a decade, the Tin Men have been collaborating to harness an eclectic melding of genres. With infl uences of swing jazz, R&B, Motown, and easy listening, their latest release, Avocado Woo Woo, captures the unique spirit radiating out of New Orleans and beyond. The trio consisting of Washboard Chaz (vocals, percussion), Matt Perrine (sousaphone), and Alex McMurray (guitar, vocals) has perfected a relationship with their instruments. Whether or not you’ve seen the mastery in action at their d.b.a. home court or not, the album exemplifi es just this. From the gospel praises of “Jesus Always Get’s His Man” to the folksy title track, “Avocado Woo Woo,” to the stand out percussion performance in “Why Don’t You Haul Off and Love Me?” and the perfectly executed “Lonely One In This...

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L.A. Mint Show Recap.

Read all about it HERE

Tin Men Head to Los Angeles

The Tin Men will be part of a show at The Mint in L.A. on Saturday Sept 14 at 9pm. Also with Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show featuring Arsene DeLay and Antoine Diel. More info HERE.

Tin Men Back On Wednesdays at DBA!

The Tin Men resume their long-standing residency at DBA this Wednesday September 7. Show goes from 7-9. No cover, no smoking--no fooling! Well, perhaps a little fooling...Plus the legendary Walter "Wolfman" Washington and the Roadmasters start at 10!!!
Offbeat Magazine Avocado Woo Woo

Tin Men, Avocado Woo Woo

(Threadhead Records)

Offbeat Magazine

Set aside for a moment the fact that the guitar is amplified, also that the plucky instigator who wields said axe is slinging M.F.A.-yearning narratives at the mic. Disregard too that his rhythm-section mates are unquestionably at or near the top of their respective instrument games. At heart the Tin Men still epitomize the folksy, down-home realm of the New Orleans street sound...

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