New Orleans premier washboard - sousaphone - guitar trio


Tin Men -


TIN MEN! ???I was on the street today, and a guy passing by stopped me and said he had friends in from out of town. He asked me where he should take them Friday night. I asked him if they had seen Rebirth before, hoping he would say yes. He said no, so I reluctantly told him to take them to Rebirth, knowing that that's the requisite first stop on any visitor's list. But, I really wanted to tell him to go see The Tin Men, because they have more of an eclectic New Orleans sound than most bands out there. What I mean is, "They sound exactly like New Orleans sounds in my head." The amount of genres they mix might be unparalleled locally. So, I love them, and they're playing twice Friday. Once at 11 a.m. at the FQF and at 10 at Le Bon Temps Roule.

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