New Orleans premier washboard - sousaphone - guitar trio


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The New York Times

Back to New Orleans, Gently

The New York Times by Matt Gross

IT was a Friday afternoon in late October, and the narrow lanes of the French Quarter were quiet. Fresh paint — pale green, robin’s egg blue, canary yellow — adorned the low, tidy Creole cottages, and the wrought-iron railings of town-house balconies shone blackly in the sunlight. The streets were free of litter, the air unpolluted by the musky odor of all-night parties. But as I wandered the beautiful Quarter, one question stuck in my mind: Where was everybody?

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Freaks for Industry

Tin Men - Freaks for Industry


Apr-19-2005 by Alex Rawls

CD Release Party
The Big Top, 1638 Clio St

Freaks for Industry, the self-released second album from New Orleans' Tin Men, seems improbable. The trio of Alex McMurray on guitar, Matt Perrine on sousaphone and "Washboard" Chaz Leary on washboard was an unusual band configuration from the outset, but McMurray's move to New York City last October after falling in love with a New Yorker sounded like the band's death knell.

The album, though, features the band at its irrepressible best. Recorded...

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Tin Men Rosy's Jazz Hall


I felt pride for New Orleans as Tin Men dropped city references in songs like "Location, Location" and "Uptown Girl." On "Uptown Girl," vocalist/guitarist Alex McMurray spelled out subtle differences between those below Claiborne and those above it. Differences only a local can fully appreciate. This talent is probably one of the reasons everyone I've talked to about Tin Men have expressed nothing but love.
Sousaphone guy Matt Perrine and washboardist Chaz Leary rounded out the band at a...

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All Music - Super Great Music for Modern Lovers - Review

Jan-01-2003 by Eugene Chadbourne

The Tin Men trio of New Orleans should for sure not be mixed up with Tinmen, a house music mixing outfit, or T.I.N. Men, a rock band that made one album in the late '90s. Putting aside the small pile of tin entirely, few groups have a sound as nifty as this one.

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